DECOVISION has a workshop dedicated to lacquering which decorates :

  • glasses
  • timepieces
  • cigar cutters
  • pens
  • caskets

whether they are made of metal or of plastic.

A small syringe is used to decorate : very precise places are coated with either lacquer or resin, whatever the support is.

The production potential and the adaptability of the lacquering workshop allow the decoration of small and medium series.



DECOVISION has a workshop dedicated to varnishing; there, a coloured organic varnish is coated on metal or plastic surfaces.

This surface treatment is applied by hand, with an electrostatic gun, and thus the coat is about 20 microns thick.

The colour lab is able to match colours according to the clients’ demands (colour counter types).

The varnishing workshop is resourceful and always does the clients’ work within the time limit.


Pad printing

DECOVISION has a workshop dedicated to pad printing.

A soft pad puts an ink film on the surface of the pieces.

The pad is guided by an automaton which is able to adapt to the different geometries -either flat or in relief- of the pieces.

Pad printing consists in laying the ink which is in the imprint of the pad -also called plate- on the surface of the piece.

After repeating this operation several times with different imprints and different colours of ink, a many-coloured design is realised.


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