Acetate work


CEMO has a workshop dedicated to machining. Parts with complex shapes and made of cellulose acetate can be produced there.

In order to get the shape of the part from a CAD file, rectangles of acetate are milled by a five-axis machine centre.

Some of the finishing operations are still manual (deburring, assembly).

We can produce small and medium series :

  • frame fronts and temples
  • jewels
  • hair ornaments

We work with OAXA machines :

  • 3 four-axis numerical control machines for frame fronts
  • 3 five-axis numerical control machines for frame fronts
  • 2 three-axis numerical control machines for glasses temples.


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Micro injection

CEMO has a workshop dedicated to the overinjection of plastic parts on stainless steel or ceramic.

We can co-develop, industrialize and manufacture small and medium series of micro-technical pieces (30 cm3) :

  • frame fronts, temples and temple tips
  • knife handles
  • plastic clips
  • aerials
  • technical parts (for decoration)

Our processes can inject biosourced material (wood, cereals) or plastic containing fibreglass.

We can do contract work for :

  • watch-making
  • jewellery
  • the cosmetics industry
  • perfumery
  • the army
  • the electric and the medical sectors

We work with ARBURG machines :

  • 1 vertical – press force : 25 tons
  • 1 vertical or horizontal – equipped with an unloading robot – press force : 50 tons

We keep the deadline and we guarantee the quality of our products.


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